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E 815 More info
The e 815 S is a cardioid general purpose microphone ideal for vocal and instrument miking, karaoke and club PA. Sound inlet basket: refined steel. With silent on-off switch. Has excellent feedback and spillage rejection
Comes complete with 5m cable with xlr end (e815x) or 1/4" jack (e815j)
e815x - Our Price $129 Buy e825
e815j - Our Price $129  Buy e825s

E 816 More info
An affordable vocal microphone, the e 816 S is specially designed for stage use. This cardioid microphone features a high output voltage, rugged metal body, good suppression of handling noise and excellent rejection of feedback and spillage. With silent on-off switch.
Comes complete with 5m cable with xlr end (e816x) or 1/4" jack (e816j)
e816x - Our Price $179 Buy e825
e816j - Our Price $129  Buy e825s

E 825 More info
The 825 is ideal for general vocal, instrument and club PA.
Unbeatable quality at an ultra competitive price. Cardioid pick-up pattern provides excellent feedback and spillage rejection. The rugged metal construction and internal damping isolates handling noise.
Has with silent on-off switch.
e825s - Our Price $159  Buy e825s

E 835 More info
The E 835 has the hottest output of any cardioid vocal microphone in its price range. If you’re looking for intense output, look no further. The E 835 is a must have with its 40 - 16 KHz frequency response and high sensitivity.
Also available with silent on-off switch (e835s).
e835 - Our Price $269 Buy e835
e835s - Our Price $269  Buy e835s

E 840 More info
The new Sennheiser E840 is a Professional cardioid vocal microphone developed to cut through high on-stage levels. Rugged, durable construction, insensitive to handling noise. The e 840 efficiently suppresses sounds emanating from outside its pick-up angle, and is fitted with a hum compensating coil for reducing electromagnetic interference. Built to compete with the Shure SM58 but it blows it away and actually compares to the Shure Beta58a!!!
Also available with silent on-off switch (e840s).
e840 - Our Price $219 Buy e845
e840s - Our Price $219  Buy e845s

E 845 More info
The E 845 flat out blows away every other vocal mic in its class and price range. Because of its tight supercardioid pattern and neodymium element, you’ll breakthrough the mix and get far more gain before feedback than any cardioid microphone.
Also available with silent on-off switch (e845s).
e845 - Our Price $279 Buy e845
e845s - Our Price $279  Buy e845s

E 855 More info
No compromises and simply outstanding. Why rely on the club PA? The E 855 provides unprecedented clarity, warmth, and presence with its wide frequency response (40 - 18 KHz), and supercardioid polar pattern. Without doctoring your EQ, the E 855 is clear and transparent in the hi-mids without sounding thin.
e855 - Our Price $399 Buy

E 865s More info
A live performance, lead vocal microphone, the E 865 represents the top condenser microphone in the acclaimed Evolution Series. A fully professional super-cardioid vocal microphone utilising the very best in condenser microphone technology to achieve new standards of quality and sound.
e865s - Our Price $629 Buy

E 935
Our Price $419

E 945
Our Price $475

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