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XLS Series
XLS Series Amp
more info The XLS Series of power amplifiers from Crown represents a new era in affordable, quality power amplification. The line consists of three models in a uniform, rugged chassis, incorporating the best of tried-and-true design principles and innovative features. Now reduced in size to 2U
Features balanced XLR inputs, 2 channel, high pass filter and limiter.
XLS-202   200W/Ch @ 4ohms
Our Price $899
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XLS-402   400W/Ch @ 4ohms
Our Price $1079
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XLS-602   600W/Ch @ 4ohms
Our Price $1,439
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XLS-802   800W/Ch @ 4ohms
Our Price $1,789
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Macro Tech Amps
click for more info The Crown Macro-Tech 02 Series amps are enchanced versions of the Macro-Tech line. They offer the same features and performance of the original Macro-Techs while delivering key added benefits that continue to expand the versatility of this distinct product line. They feature an enhanced Programmable Input Processor and full protection.
MA-602   325W/Ch @ 4ohms
Our Price $2,899
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MA-1202   480W/Ch @ 4ohms
Our Price $3,999
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MA-2402   800W/Ch @ 4ohms
Our Price $5,599
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Macro Tech-VZ Amp
The Macro-Tech VZ Series represents the latest breakthrough in Crown's unending quest to deliver the most power in the smallest package.
The 3600VZ packs 3,600 watts into a mere 3.5" of rack space. The 5002VZ packs an incredible 5,000 watts into little more than 5" of rack space. That's more watts per-cubic-inch than any other amplifier.
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MA-3600VZ   1565W/Ch @ 4ohms
Our Price $6,499
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MA-5002VZ   2000W/Ch @ 4ohms
Our Price $8,499
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24x6 & 36x12
Macro Tech Amp
click for more info Our unique Macro-Tech 24x6 and 36x12 provide practical solutions to biamplified system applications such as stage monitors. Each amp features a high- and medium-power channel in a single, low-profile unit. Both amps have separate power supplies which allow each channel to be treated as its own amplifier.
MA-24x6   800W+225W @ 4ohms
Our Price $3,999
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MA-36x12  1565W+480W @ 4ohms
Our Price $5,599
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D Series
D 45 Amp
D 75a amp
click for more info The D-45 and D-75A are the latest D Series amplifiers and are perfect for moderate power applications such as recording or broadcast studio near-field monitoring, video suite audio monitoring, a recording/broadcast headphone amp or a small paging system.
D-45   35W+35W @ 4ohms
Our Price $1,799
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D-75A   55W+55W @ 4ohms
Our Price $2,199
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